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September 22, 2006, 7:42 am
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Some years ago, I found myself always falling in love with a guy 

with thick black eyeglasses on a square jawed face.
The answer was easy when you realize it.
Because that’s exactly the first guy I ever fell in love with.
The guy was the one and only, Clark Kent, and I was three.

Superman films are my all-time favorites, and I cannot tell you how I’ve been excited about the latest installment since they’d started filming.
It was brilliant, really, at least to me.
The new leading actor of course looks different, but sounds truly the same.
He used to be a second class actor who showed up with a superman costume at some friend’s costume party, and ended up winning the role. I wonder what kind of career is waiting for him in the future. Hope it would not be exactly the same as Chris’s. It still breaks my heart to think about him.

The film was amazing because you remember how banal the SFX looked in the old films. Now Superman can fly a hundred-times faster than 20 years ago.
And although he is a dozen times tougher on the surface, he is as soft in heart as before.
Some people make mistake in thinking that the Superman is a cheap old SF film with a strange comicbook charactor in blue tights. That is true but not quite true. It’s a sad but comical love story of a lonely hero, who himself is an embodiment of “the American Conscience”. I love both the romantic and comical part, and the euphoria part.

In “Returns”, Superman had been away from the earth and comes back from somewhere . He finds out that his beloved Lois has been living with someone else and a son. While he is away, Lex Luthor also found all the secret of Kripton. Luthor has become more powerfull than before (although just a little bit, as usual).
It was satisfying, and I am sure Mr and Mrs Leeve think the same.