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May 31, 2009, 2:47 am
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_0014264 This is truly a wonderful book, if you have slightest interest in yarn or spinning.  It teaches you how to mix colors to create those one-of-the-kind yarn.   It is interesting that fiber is like paints, if you mix various colors too much, it just becomes muddy brown.  Anyway, I know none of you are interested.  Sorry!






_0014266 The famous book by the physicist Richard Feynman.  I read it when I was 13 or 14, and largely influenced by it.  I borrowed all the physics books from the school library and, I confess now, never returned them.  Those books were in the library for at least several years, and no one before me ever opened them, and looked absolutely brand new.

Anyway, I know this book is very good, and could not resist buying it during my lunchtime stroll.  It’s been so long, so I am sure I will enjoy it.

For some of you who do are not familiar with this book, it’s published under the name “ご冗談でしょう、ファインマンさん” and it’s his essays about his studies and life.  He was in a team to develop the first nuclear weapon during the WWII.  Great sense of humor.


_0014267 OK, I was hoping to finish this before watching the movie, but I don’t know.  Heard that Angels&Demons is more interesting than the Da Vinci Code. 

I think I bought this book before, and then sold it without reading… Reading, definitely, this time.

I have been reading several novels these days, a kind that I would not recommend to anyone.  Those are light historical mysteries, the kind which you can write in modern setting and achieve the same results.  But they are good mysteries nevertheless, and I also learn very insignificant historical details like how the british society functioned in the 19th century.


Spinning Wheel
May 31, 2009, 2:23 am
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Arrived on Friday night.  My newest room mate.  The box was so huge, and I am sure the delivery guy looked smug and suppressing a laugh.  

I chose the most basic type, a spinning wheel called Traditional made by Ashford in New Zealand.  At first I was planning to buy one that is narrower and takes less space, but when I tried it I didn’t like it that much.  It’s unfinished wood so I am going to have to finish the surface with oil, but it’s ok, for  I did not like the lacquered  wood either.

The bottom photo is the first skein I made with this wheel!


































A lot of pedaling
May 26, 2009, 6:13 am
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I finally accepted myself of taking a time off from my French study and playing piano. OK, piano, I am still playing, but rather sporadically.
What I have been doing or thinking about doing now is actually spinning.
棒をより良く回転させるために円盤のようなものを取り付けた(駒のような)スピンドルという道具は、9000年以上前から少しずつ改良されながら使われてきたそうです(Wikipediaによると最初の糸が見つかったのは2万年ほど前で、棒より以前は石が使われていたらしい)。紡ぎ車はおそらくもっと最近で、でも13世紀には中東や中国やヨーロッパで絵などに描かれています。紡ぎ車もspinning wheelといい、車を回転させることでよじれを糸に伝える点は同じ。
ちなみに、産業革命時代の大発明はもちろん蒸気機関ですが、同時期に発明されたのがSpinning Jennyとうい機械(というか器械)で、これは1つのホイールで複数の糸がよじれる比較的単純なものです。これが繊維産業の大発展をもたらしたのだから、すごいものです。それまで600年(か、それ以上)使われてきた道具が一人のアイデアで突然生産性が何倍にもなって、世界中の産業に影響を与えるんだ。農業もそうですが、そいうった突然変異的な産業の発展が歴史に与える影響を考えると、非常に興味深く思います。

A Lot of Paddlingっていうのは何かというと、ひとつは紡ぎ車を回すのに足でペダルを沢山漕ぐからですね。もうひとつは。。。自転車を買おうかな、と。最近あまりにも気候がいいので、気分はサイクリング!今日もほんとうは会社をサボってどこかに出かけたい気分です。