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my favorite music today

Heard this song somewhere and realized that I had the album (Continuum)  in my iPod. What a great song.
Dreaming with a broken heart – John Mayer

And this theme song from the latest film Avatar is quite amazing… I see you by Leona Lewis. Somehow they deleted the official version and this is the best one I found out there.

Speaking of a soundtrack, this one from Adam Lambert in 2012 soundtrack album is quite good, too.  His singing style, which is usually overwhelming and a bit theatrical, suits motion picture theme music amazingly well, as it turned out.

Why is he gay?  Why? (OK, there is nothing wrong about it, and I am not discriminating, it’s just such a loss for all the dreaming girls…)


December 12, 2009, 10:03 pm
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やっと観てきました。パニック映画好きの友人と公開前から計画をしていたのですが、仕事の都合でなかなか予定が合わず。。。 どちらかと言うと私はこの手の映画はいつも後回しですが、ひとりでは見なさそうな映画を見るというのが誰かと行く醍醐味!なので大歓迎です。