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It’s fun and tough…
April 19, 2009, 6:10 am
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Yesterday finally I scooped up some courage and went to my first Spindle class ever. There is a yarn/wool specialty store in a bit suburban part of Tokyo. (I didn’t took photos of the interior, which is like “your fantasy come true” place for a yarnie)
I was surprised that Spindle is actually just a stick and some piece of wood – looks like a toy. How can you make yarn out of wool fibers with this stick? The process is amazing, you just spin the stick and the fiber get twisted… This is my first work. Ooops, kind of messy.

But it’s soooo much fun! The lady at the store stood beside me almost the whole time, and added some silk or tiny wool pieces to the fiber, so that I can experiment with different texture.





This is the Spindle – actually it is pretty nice. (and the magazine is the latest edition of American GQ, which, of course, I bought for Rob Pattinson was on the cover)






So, after the class, I bought some more fiber (Romney in medium brown, VERY PRETTY!) and started to practice on my own. This took a few hours of my labour… OK, I know, it’s surely efficient to just buy yarn than make your own. But it’s fun, fun, fun, and so addictive!

I heard that you’ve got to twist 2 threads of yarn together, and steam or boil to make it stable.
Oh, the reason I wrote “tough” is because I already have some shoulder pain from spinning the stick too much…



Another thing – a shawl I just finished knitting. I may post more photos later. We’ll see.











Also in Kichijoji (Tokyo) – a super neat cafe right in front of the yarn / fiber shop. This cafe totally made me decide to move into this neighborhood! Mind blowingly cute!

Cafe in Kichijoji

Cafe in Kichijoji



What’s on the needles
April 8, 2009, 9:49 am
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OK, I haven’t completely abandoned my knitting – on the contrary, I am knitting many things at once in these days.

Cloud Borelo
Pattern: Cloud Bolero by Ysolda Teague (Ravelry Linked)
Yarn: Sundara Yarn Aran Silky Merino in Black over Violet, 1.6 skein
Needles: US size 11

I should credit my mom for taking this picture, although I specifically instructed her what to take. This borelo is supposed to be very short sleeved, but I made it longer – thought it is more practical. The yarn is just beautiful, looks much darker violet in reality.
Mod: For under-arm (side body), instead of CO additional stitches, I gradually increased to make it fit better.

Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Sundara Yarn Fingering Silky Merino in Flaming Flamingo, 1 skein
Needles: US size 6

It seems I have a serious thing about Ysolda’s designs and Sundara’s yarn! The photo looks purplish, but it is pink/orange color. It is going to be a triangluar shawl for myself when it is done.

This is another work in progress – my first sock project. I know, I used to be one of those people who wonder “why do you want to knit socks when you can buy a pair for a few bucks?”. But somewhere along the line, the idea of knitting a pair of socks with beautiful yarn started to grow on me…
This yarn I am knitting with is the one I dyed back in last summer in NY. I actually like it a lot.

I am about to start a few more projects. Every day is still an exciting discovery process.

Twilight – the movie
April 8, 2009, 12:47 am
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前回ブログを書いてから実は色々と映画を見ているのですが、暫く職場のネット環境が悪かったり忙しかったりで、全然ブログを書いていませんでした。最近見たのは例えばJUNOとか(結構良かった)、Life Aquaticとか(思ったほどじゃなかった、そういえばダージリン急行も見たけどこっちのほうが断然良かった)、Valkireとか(最高!こういう映画好き)、あとはJoe BlackとSeven Years in Tibetも何度目かに見て(両方ともマイベストに入る作品)ダライラマの自伝なんて買ってしまいました。1ヶ月で8本くらいはなんだかんだ言って見てるんだな。これでも「最近は全然映画見てないな~」なんて思っていました。