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February 20, 2009, 7:58 am
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I know it’s really freaky. But what I want is another pair of hands. I want to be able to hold books while I knit. Or perhaps, I want to write emails or blogs while I knit. It would be nice if I had another pair of eyes too, but eyes and the brain can probably handle 2 or more activities at the same time. Why do we have only one pair of hands?


25 things
February 16, 2009, 6:28 am
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I’ve written 25 things about myself to post on my Facebook page. It seems this is something going around among Facebook users for a while. You probably are not so interested in knowing this much about me, though.

1. books – I love books. Reading is the most favorite of any activities. I can give up eating and sleeping for reading.

2. work – I love to work, but I cannot work when I am hungry or sleepy. Which is approx. half the time I spend in the office.

3. language – I study French. I tried Spanish and German and Chinese in the past.

4. childhood – Admittedly, I had been a weird kid. I always had to try and see.
My mother used to tell us, when my sister and I were around 3 or 4, not to stick your head out of the 2nd story balcony, because if you fall, your skull got crushed like an egg. I was sooo tempted to try, but did not want to die. So I diverted my interest to see and understand how things got crushed. Some months later, I came by a few perfect glass bottles to experiment. It was so hard to resist the urge to see it with my own eyes – do they really crush? How? When I made sure no one was watching, I dropped them on the street from the height I can manage with my arms (not very much) – the bottles, instead of crushing, were broken into pieces with huge noise. Of course, I was too little to understand that egg shells (or a child skulls) and glass are different materials, although both are easily breakable. It turned out that one of my friends’ mom was watching from the window, and she made me clean up all the mess I made. Hahaha.

5. attachment to things – I get very attached to my gadgets, like mobile phones, iPods, computers. Not so much to other things like bags, shoes, stationeries…

6. sleeping – I sleep extremely deeply. Once I was in a hospital on 14th floor, and we had a fairly strong earthquake in the middle of the night (or so I heard). The whole wing was a chaos, nurses running around, things fell off from the shelves (according to others). Of course, I didn’t wake up.

7. movies – watching movies seems to be our family trait – my grandpa, my father, passed down to me. Grandpa is too old for it now, but my dad and I watch most of the good films in theaters.

8. food – I love eating meat, as much as I love fish. I don’t eat much of raw vegetables because it makes my body cold.

9. history – learning about the world history is one of the best things happened to me during my high school years. I still craves for more.

10. friends – I have several very very very close friends. I am not a group person, and I am so bad at keeping in touch with people that I meet at places.

11. coffee – Coffee is my addiction. Not caffeine, because I can easily live without tea or diet coke.
“Noir comme le diable, chaud comme l’enfer, pur comme un ange, doux comme l’amour” (Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.)–Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

12. colors – Since childhood, I am drawn to colors. I love looking at things in different shades of colors, like paper, colored pencils, yarn, book covers or shoes. I love flower shops, not so much because I love the flower itself, but because I love the diverse shades of colors exists in just one flower, more so in a bouquet. I don’t particularly like a bouquet of crimson roses or just white flowers, because it is not so interesting to look at.

13. happiness – I believe “we are happy because we smile”, rather than we smile because we are happy. Happiness comes to you if you smile. One day I was on a train feeling really grumpy. Felt like nothing would go well and everything was making me so unhappy. Then this girl, or woman rather, came on board from a station. She was smiling a most beautiful and shining smile I’d ever seen. Her smile was truly infectious. At that instance, a realization came to me – if you have this smile, everyone wants to be nice to you, everyone wants to laugh with you, help you and make you happy! She had that smile. OK, she was probably smiling because she had something happy that day. But nevertheless, I want to be that person who smiles brightly when things go wrong and encourage people. Who has a shining smile to attract all the happiness in the world.

14. crafts – I have a very good eye-finger coordination. Combined with my ability to focus on one thing hours at a time, I can work on some most intricate crafts. I am also good at drawing and coloring things on paper exactly as they look.

15. sports – I have a very very bad eye-arm and eye-leg coordination. Tennis is the most unsuitable sports for me. I like swimming, skating or skiing, though.

16. money – Recently I discovered that actually I am scared of thinking about money, and what activities related to it.

17. singing – I used to sing in gospel choirs several years ago. People told me I had a very strong voice, which I rarely use.
In gospel singing, if you are a soprano, you have to hit extremely high notes with your normal voice, without using falsetto. During our practice, the instructor always told us “If you believe you can hit the note, you can. Believe in yourself”. He pushed us really hard. I never dreamt that something physical like hitting a note out of your range can be done just by “believing”. Actually, you can.

18. voice – sometimes I am told that I have a clear nice voice. I like my voice when I hear in my body. I don’t like to hear it in recordings. I don’t like it at all.
I am attracted to people with nice voice. Deep or husky voice for men, smooth alto for women. However good looking, if the person has a strange habit of speech or sounding, I can’t spend too much time with him or her.

19. looks – it seems I look like a cartoon character. Maybe that’s why babies love me.

20. eating – I love eating. I love people who eat a lot (in a healthy way), and who eat gracefully.

21. hospital – I spent a fair share of time in hospitals before I became 20. I learned a lot about life, people, doctors and nurses, and about myself.

22. architecture – I once wanted to become an architect, I studied it a little, but I wasn’t confident enough to believe that I would not produce anything garbage in the span of my career. Because you see so much garbage on streets. Everyday I am thankful that I wasn’t the ones who made those craps. I am a coward.

23. japanese – the only thing I don’t like about being a japanese and female is that it limits how and where you can travel, in a non-political sense. What I mean is, it’s pretty scary when you often chased or followed in cities you don’t know very well.

24. brain – I think I am a right brain person. But I don’t know.

25. optimism – I am definitely an optimistic person. I also believe that people are good by nature.

February 13, 2009, 7:51 am
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日曜日の夜American Idolを見終わってから徐に読み始め、まだ心はシアトル郊外の森を彷徨ってます。
Twilightというのが1冊目で、New Moon、Eclipse、Breaking Dawnと続きます。日没から真っ暗な夜を経て、月が欠けて、そして朝日が昇る、タイトルだけでそんな世界観を作っている。いま私はワシントン州郊外の真っ暗な森のなかで、追っ手が迫って来るなか空を見上げて梢の合間から月食を目にしたところです。

February 10, 2009, 1:38 am
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Random Talk of Idealists
February 5, 2009, 2:19 pm
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A close friend of mine and I discuss about many many things every time we have dinner together, and we finally realized that we may be able to write a book if we start scribbling what we talk about. Both of us, I think, are rather naive and idealists (or just me), and are always interested in so many things. We both read several books simultaneously, so between both of us we tend to have 10 books to talk about. I watch movies all the time and the friend watch youtube all the time.
Anyway, for these reasons, it would be an extremely difficult task for someone to shut us up when we have these discussions, splashed with a couple of glasses of wine. It’s funny because we don’t talk much about ourselves, we always talk about “things” and “issues.”
Now I am watching Before Sunset again, and as a friend of mine told me and as I’d written in blog before, Celine is so much like me. I love the bookstore “Shakespeare and Co.” that appears in the film, I went there and spent a few hours browsing through books imagining “this is where they shot the film!” She is also extremely talkative and talk about many things.
Anyway, I was going to write about our conversation for the record keeping sake, but I can’t remember much now. It was probably about how human beings have explored the unknowns, and that endeavor had driven the evolution of the society. That we don’t have much room for discovery now, now that all parts of the Earth and even a little bit of the space have been explored. And the discovery and improvements per unit effort has become so minimal in the modern society. So maybe we just should live with what we have, what technology we have, should technology be advance than now? I said no, I believe that our society will decay if we stop being curious and stop trying on something extravagant and outrageous. We agreed that our human beings are still stupid and have not changed, but the society itself has become better and better over the centuries. We talked about the globe is becoming colder. We talked about life in scandinavian countries. All scandinavian countries, without fail, used to have a law that forced non-german minority to have sterilization surgery (so that they can’t have children). As late as until 1970s! It may be that their social systems are not so friendly after all.
Can’t remember any more. Will continue.

Into the Wild…
February 5, 2009, 8:42 am
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前から色々な人にお勧めされていた作品、Into The Wildがギンレイホールで上映中と聞き、今週までなので昨日見に行きました。(勢い余ってシネクラブにも参加)

先々で逢った人々との交流を通して人間的にも成長していったんだと思うのですが、本人は最後まで「一人で未知の世界に冒険したい」という欲求に突き動かされています。でも最後の一言は「Happiness is real when shared」でした。。。

In the shadow of the moon
February 4, 2009, 7:16 am
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TOHOシネマで上映中のThe Moonを見てきました。結構レビューが良かったので。
It’s not about the Victory of Great Science, it’s about how men felt in the face of great challenge and unknown discovery. They were special, but yet very much one of us.
“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong